Thursday, October 6, 2011

Why every employee is important, every employee.

For a successful product to be launched the key ingredients are
  • Passion
  • Brand
  • Innovation
  • Technology
  • Care
and the most important and commonly ignored one is
  • EVERY employee
I'm not going to expand on the other terms, as the words are self-explanatory. 

Let me share an incident that happened to me recently-the reason behind writing this blog. I recently planned to buy a headphones, and quite excited from the reviews went ahead to buy it from a mall near by.  From the brand value, I expected a warm welcome to the valuable customer, who is about to buy their innovation. My apparel was casual and hence I was blaunt and did not make a great impression for a warm welcome or at least welcome. There were two sales men and both of them were talking to a customer-a well dressed old man. I could make from his body language that he is not going to buy the product-ofcourse not my job. I waited for ten minutes and requested for an attention. 

One sales man came to me after five minutes and I requested for a demo for the product I am going to buy. He shuffled the products that he had and left. For a second, I was feeling like Dr. Malcolm Crowe in Sixth Sense, unnoticed. I asked him twice and he did not mind to give an attention. 

The moral, "every employee is important" and I walked away.  Sales men are not the only ones, every employee is important. Just think of situations where your friends working for an organization gives a bad review on how it treats employees,  where a person annoys you in an interview, a single 404 page during a transaction (referring to the employee who is responsible for it),  a new joinee give a bad review of the previous employer, etc. 

So, even if every employee gives their best for the product and one employee does anything bad, customers walk away. 


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