Saturday, December 11, 2010


I believe the most powerful tool that human beings possess is the mind, that can ignite imagination. Every possible creation in the world is a tangible idea. Every possible idea is the outcome of all or some of the senses, passed through may be a single or billions of neural schemas (referring to the brain). 

Any idea can be referred to some part of the nature (at Universal level). When someone says an idea is original, what is it? I don't understand.  Take for instance, Google search, don't you think it is a matured idea of the search that we do everyday; Facebook, is it not a virtual social network; Virtualization, complete simulation of a natural concept; Photography, light captured with a particular setting (do you own the light or the setting?); Music, captured sound at some desired frequencies; etc. 

I still don't understand, the noun originality, is it the first idea preceding all others in time? In such case, it belongs to the nature. Or is it the first one to file a patent or register it, or is it the first one to show it to the world. Or is it the first one who comes out with some tangible output. What if someone had the idea for long time and could not come with an output or did not express it.

Understanding this, I do understand the considerable amount of work someone puts for coming out with  an idea, which we all feel new. I still wonder if the newness or freshness can be considered as original. I take the concept of wall (which itself is taken from a broadcast or something else) and come out with a specification of wall with only 150 characters max, inclusive all characters and call it twitter (just an example, which is considered as a great idea). Is this original? But, I understand the effort that is put for developing this and the ego of so many developers, and may be testers too.

Why all the software is not made open source? Is it because of security reasons or is it because of the ego of the investors or ego of all the developers, who don't want someone else to directly copy it or reuse it. 

So, definition of originality or original-idea (as it is used) is the ego of the hard-work to build an idea, which creates the feeling of some newness or freshness and belongs to the first one who expresses/shows it to the world.

Actually, originality is nature.

Disclaimer:  I do not copy nor encourage some one to copy any idea, but just sharing my thoughts on my confusion on originality. This is my understanding and welcome your definitions or ideas.