Friday, October 17, 2008

My Developer Quotes

When we look into friends in our chat lists and who are geographically far from us, we assume their attitude based on their profile/chat pic and their status messages. Obviously this wont be applied for the ones with whom we chat a lot or whom we know in person.

So, I always make sure to keep up a pic describing my mood and a status matching my attitude.

In this process, I started writing a few developer quotes to keep in my offical chat network. I shall be updating these as soon as I think up for a new one.

  • "Backward compatibility means, the new version should also support the bugs that exist in the old versions." - Ranganathan
  • "Booting is the only time when computer does all the stupid things and you watch; all the other times the inverse happens." - Ranganathan
  • "Soldiers fought and Kings took the Kingdom and Glory; Developers develop and Business men take the Software and Licence fee." - Ranganathan
  • My friend says, "It works on my machine." But I say, "Dude! We aren't going to ship yours." - from Srikanth
  • In Earth we say "go to Hell", in Hell it should be "Go and code". - Ranganathan
  • When someone asks me, "Why I dont you shut down my machine?". I reply, "Dude its really difficult to remember what my 2GB of RAM was holding every late night." - Ranganathan
  • Simplicity in the UI comes from the complexity within. - Ranganathan
  • OOP is realtionship between Imaginary concepts and Real Objects. - Ranganathan
  • ctrl+c ctrl+v is not REUSE, its ABUSE. - Ranganathan


  1. :) Some good ones there.

    See if you like this: There are plenty of them like these in there.

  2. Ya, I saw others. But I want to write mine. No Ctrl+v.

  3. just loved it...
    original witty and funny