Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Need not restart your servers(weblogic or tomcat) for compilation of a class - hot swap

I am using Eclipse and every time I compile a class, I have to again restart my servers. So I thought if there can be a way of avoiding this, so that, much of the development time is saved. And I saw in Intellij Idea editor, that there is hot swap in debugger by default. Just right click and compile and then it compiles files directly into the servers. So no need of restart.

So I have searched for the same feature in Eclipse and I could successfully find one. :-)

There is a plugin for Hot Swap and here is what is there in the site:

url :

Just copy the contents from hot swap into {your eclipse home directory}\plugins and restart your eclipse. Then start the servers in debug mode and then right click on the file to see the compile option. Just click and need not wait for the restart.

For this to work, eclipse must be in debug mode.

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